amcs midterm - 1 historical transmission of inequality...

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1. historical transmission of inequality: severely restricted ability to accumulate wealth combined with mass discrimination, leads to inability to pass any assets on to the future generations. Racialization of state policy: Slavery itself, the most constricting of social systems, was a result of state policy that gave blacks severely limited economic rights. Slaves were by law not able to own land or accumulate assets. The assets that the slaves did acquire were used to buy the loved one’s freedom and thus were not able to create a material legacy that could be passed on from generation to generation. The Social Security Act of 1935 virtually excluded African Americans and Latinos because it exempted agricultural and domestic workers from coverage and marginalized low-wage workers. Blacks were disadvantaged in New Deal legislation because they were historically less well paid, less fully employed, disproportionately ineligible for military service, and less fully unionized than white policies if employed in eligible occupations and if they earned the minimum amount required. Not only were blacks initially disadvantaged in their eligibility for social security, but they have disproportionately paid more into the system and received less. FHA: The purchase of a home has now become the primary mechanism for generating wealth. However, the FHA’s conscious decision to channel loans away from the central city and to the suburbs has had a powerful effect on the creation of segregated housing in post-WWII America. Official government policy supported the prejudiced attitudes of private finance companies, realtors, appraisers, and a white public resistant to sharing social space with blacks. Restrictive covenants and other “segregation makers” have been ruled
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amcs midterm - 1 historical transmission of inequality...

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