Directions during laboratory session a students are

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Unformatted text preview: . Directions During laboratory session. A) Students are required to have: 1- The lab manual of the course, 2- A white gown or else he/she shall not be admitted into the laboratory, 3- Soap, detergent, sponge, towel (paper or cloth), and matches. 4- Desk-cabinet key, 5- Knowledge of the safety regulations, 6- Read the experiment and prepared for it, 7- A report written on the experiment of the day except for calculations and data handling, 8- Calculators. B) Students are asked to abstain from: 1- Eating or chewing gum or smoking, 2- Having private and unnecessary conversation with colleagues of instructors, 3- Asking friends to come and visit them in the laboratory, 4- Throwing papers, matches, broken glassware and solid wastes into the sink, 5- Tasting chemicals, wasting chemical and especially wasting of distilled water. 6- Using their cellular phones neither in the lecture nor in the lab. Page 3 of 2...
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