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The trends of today following ww2 proportion of women

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Unformatted text preview: tive with foreign companies (not as much capital) - Cause resentment - Sack the commitment of low and mid- level workers - Many overcompensated CEO’s running failed businesses BUS 101 – Chapter 16 Sohum Talreja THE EMPLOYEE AS A STAKEHOLDER Employee Relationship - Employees are an important market stakeholder group - Employees are responsible for carrying out the work of the company - At the same time, employees are dependent on the company for their livelihood - Nature of the employment relationship conveys right and duties on both sides - Acquisition and management of human capital - This involves recruiting and selecting employees, deciding how much to pay them, keeping them appropriately trained, motivated and supervised so as to be productive, and keeping them satisfied enough so that they stay with the organization (as long as the organization wants them to stay). Employment at Will – You can be hired or fired without cause at the will of the employer Gender, race, religion, age, sexual preference are protected classes. If someone hires or fires because of a protected class, you can sue the employer. Your FREEDOM OF SPEECH rights are suppressed when talking about your employer because of Employment at Will. Employer/Employee Social Contract – A contract to meet certain goals. The employer’s goal is to keep the employee with the company and the employee is given incentives to stay with a company. To retaliate against a company as an employee (whistle- blower) You need: - - - - A business organization that is doing something wrong Employee has tried to solve the problem internally The fact that reporting the harm will stop or prevent the issue Harm has to be serious enough to justify the probable cause of disclosure to the whistle blower BUS 101 – Chapter 17 Sohum Talreja DIVERSITY IN THE WORKFORCE Diversity – Refers to variation in the important human characteristics that distinguish people from one another Workforce diversity – Diversity among employees of a business or organization Today, US workforce is as diverse as it ever has been, and it is becoming even more so. The trends of today: Following WW2, proportion of women working outside the home has risen dramatically Labor force rates for minorities have always been high Pay Gap – Women and persons of color on average receive lower pay than white men do. Why does the Pay Gap exist? An inequitable concentration of some of the job groups. Ex. Hispanic people take on more low- income jobs. This is known as Occupational Segregation. Women and Persons of Color in Management - Women have broken i...
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