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Figure 1 reacvaon of latent hiv through tlr acvaon

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Unformatted text preview: Tested ability of TLR agonists to reac6vate latent HIV- 1 • TLR- 1/2 agonist (Pam3CSK4) leads to viral reac6va6on • Pam3CSK4 ac6vated transcrip6on factors NFκB, NFAT and AP- 1 cooperate to induce viral reac6va6on • Pam3CSK4 reac6vates latent HIV- 1 in the absence of T cell ac6va6on or prolifera6on Conclusion: Signalling through the TLR- 1/2 pathway should be explored as an an6- latency strategy alone or in combina6on with other drugs. Figure 1. Reac;va;on of latent HIV through TLR ac;va;on. Figure 2. PAM3CSK4 requires NFAT, AP- 1, and NF- KB to induce viral reac;va;on. Figur...
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