Intro to Feasibility (Ch. 6)

Environmental impact b economic impact c social

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Unformatted text preview: Impact B. Economic Impact C. Social Impact D. Cost/Benefit and Conclusions USC Entrepreneur Program USC RECOMMENDED FINANCING RECOMMENDED AND ACTION PLAN AND A. Decision Criteria and Assumptions B. Identified Risks C. Amount of Financing Required D. Sources and Costs of Financing Overall Cost of Capital E. Critical Objectives Chronological, Measurable Hurdles to Overcome Fatal Flaws USC Entrepreneur Program USC FEASIBILITY STUDY Summary: 1. Executive Summary 2. Market Analysis 3. Operational and Technical Analysis 4. Financial Analysis 5. Social Profitability Analysis 6. Recommended Financing and Action Plan 7. Appendices and References USC Entrepreneur Program USC INTRODUCTION TO NEW INTRODUCTION VENTURES VENTURES Feasibility Analysis USC Entrepreneur Program USC...
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