NETWORKING 101 1.26.11

Knowing where to network 2 30 second elevator pitch 3

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Unformatted text preview: king Secrets My 1. Knowing Where to Network 2. 30 Second Elevator Pitch 3. Help Someone Contact Someone Else 4. Have a Networking Goal 5. Being Remembered, How? 6. Keep Expectations Realistic 7. Be Sincere 8. Have Fun Have 9. Remember to Listen 10. Don’t Forget to Practice Networking Networking Summary Networking Why are you there? Two minute pitch about YOU Your questions Ask about interviewee’s needs Look for ways to reciprocate Listen for names you could ask for (and get Listen information about them) information Always say “THANK YOU” Say that you will stay in touch (email, cards, etc.) Write a Thank You note and follow up THANK YOU! THANK In class exercise....
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