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NETWORKING 101 1.26.11

And professional assoc and my favorite marshall

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Unformatted text preview: nd professional assoc. and (my favorite) Marshall Alumni Association & Marshall Partners Where to Network Where Linkedin Facebook Twitter Twitter Other On-Line Groups Other Virtual Gaming - Poker Poker - World of War Craft World -Xbox Games -Xbox Rotary Club Rotary Chamber of Commerce Organized Network Groups Other? How to Network Successfully How Know why you are meeting this person Define the specific purpose of the meeting Have your questions prepared beforehand Have your two minute pitch about YOU Research background of the individual you are Research interviewing (what school did they go to, former employers, common interests, Google them) employers, Remember to relax and have fun Remember Keep your expectations realistic Keep The Trojan Network The What is the Trojan Network & How to Access i...
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  • Spring '11
  • ChrisHarrer
  • Social network service, University of Southern California, Marshall Alumni Association, Marshall Alumni, USC Alumni Association

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