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Chem 154 - 2012 Winter - handout 08

lighting eg neon lamps halogen lamps krypton with

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Unformatted text preview: se electrons to become positive ions. ⇒ This happens to the s-block elements (main group metal ions). • Examples include K + , Ca2+ NOTE: Aluminium also does this: Al 3+ . y Gain electrons (p-block elements) to become negative ions ⇒ This happens in the 16 and 17 groups • Examples include Cl − , S−2 . NOTE: ions with charge of −3 do exist, but are rare. NOTE: Some of these ions play an important rôle in biochemistry. EXAMPLE: The Calcium ion Ca2+ is required for many biological processes (signal transduction) including • neuron firing via the synapse. Neurons are cells that process information in the nervous system of the body. • Blood clotting • Muscle contraction • See the Calcium video http://www.periodicvideos.com/videos/020.htm...
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