Groundnut kernels contain 47 53 oil and 25 36 protein

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Unformatted text preview: tein. Groundnut kernels contain 47-53% oil and 25-36% protein. The crop is cultivated between 40ºN to 40ºS of the equator. Groundnut is a self pollinated crop whereby flowers are produced above ground and, after fertilization, pegs move towards the soil, and seed-containing pods are formed and developed underneath the soil. The productivity of groundnuts varies from 3500 kg/ha in the United States of America to 2500 kg/ha in South America, 1600 kg/ha in Asia, and less than 800 kg/ha in Africa. This is due mainly to various abiotic and biotic constraints. Abiotic stresses of prime importance include temperature extremes, drought stress, soil factors such as alkalinity, poor soil fertility and nutrient deficiencies. Groundnuts grow best in light textured sandy loam soils with neutral pH. Optimum temperature for their growth and development ranges from 28 to 30 ºC; the crop requires about 500-600 mm of well distributed rainfall. The main yield limiting factors in semiarid regions are drought and high temperat...
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