The sat growing region in this continent is in brazil

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Unformatted text preview: ing to more than 70% of area and production. The SAT growing region in this continent is in Brazil, located between 19° and 25° South. 3.5. Europe In 2007, the total European production amounted to 8,910 Mt, which comes from a harvest area of 10,506 ha with an average productivity of 843 kg/ha. The major groundnut growing country is Greece, followed by Spain, Portugal, and Hungary. There has been a significant variability in the total groundnut area harvested in this region in the last two decades. It increased from 12,718 ha in 1980 to 17,849 ha in 1990, and then decreased again to 11,080 ha in 2007. 4. Utilization Groundnut is an important subsistence food crop throughout the tropics. It is mainly grown for the kernels and the edible oil and meal derived from them, and the vegetative residue. Groundnut kernels typically contain 47-53% oil and 25-36% protein; they also contain ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) SOILS, PLANT GROWTH AND CROP PRODUCTION – Vol.II - Growth and Production of Groundnuts...
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