The inflorescence is simple or compound pods are

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Unformatted text preview: ence of reproductive and vegetative branches. The inflorescence is simple or compound, pods are concentrated around the central axis, and seeds do not show dormancy; plants are early maturing (90 to 120 days). In general, these types are sparsely branched and have an erect bunch habit. The US market types Valencia and Spanish belong to this group. 3. Groundnut Production and Productivity The world groundnut (in shell) harvested area in 2007 (FAO, 2007) was 23.4 million ha with a total production of 34.9 million metric tons (Mt). The total harvested area in 2007 increased by 3.7 million ha when compared to 1990, while production increased by 11.7 million Mt. The world's average productivity in 2007 was about 1490 kg/ha. It is cultivated in as many as 90 countries. Groundnut is therefore an oilseed crop on a global scale. Groundnuts are predominantly grown in developing countries (Asia and Africa), where the crop finds the appropriate climates for optimum production. About 90% of the total world production comes from this region and about 60% of produ...
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