The radicle emerges within 24 h or earlier for

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Unformatted text preview: emergence from the soil at 30° C. The radicle emerges within 24 h or earlier for vigorous Spanish types and within 36 to 48 h in Virginia types. The primary root system is tap-rooted but many lateral roots also appear about 3 days after germination. Roots are concentrated in the 5 to 35 cm zone below the soil surface, but penetrate the profile to a depth of 135 cm. Groundnut roots do not have typical root hairs, but rather tufts of hair, which are produced in the root axils. U SA NE M SC PL O E– C EO H AP LS TE S R S During the first few days the developing seedlings are dependent on assimilates stored in cotyledons. After 5-10 days, depending upon cultivar and environmental conditions, the seedling grows autotrophically and is capable of absorbing minerals via the roots whilst the epicotyl is exposed to light and capable of photosynthesis. Stems are angular, green or pigmented and are initially solid, but as the plants grow they tend to become somewhat hollow. The main stem develops from a terminal bud of the epicotyl and two opposite cotyl...
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