2011 for the purpose of plant breeding programs

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Unformatted text preview: anamoorthy et al., 2011). For the purpose of plant breeding programs, mutagenic treatments with low physiological effects, complete recovery of the desired mutant plants, and strong genetic effects are desirable. The critical level of gamma radiation at which mutations are induced must be within the range of tolerance for regeneration. Hence, we used lower doses of YUNUS et al. / Turk J Biol gamma irradiation (10 Gy) for E. elatior improvement. Our results support the view that the RAPD analysis is a highly effective method for detection of DNA polymorphism and early screening of potential mutant lines. This is the first report on in vitro mutagenesis through gamma irradiation and molecular characterization using RAPD marker analysis in E. elatior. Thus, this technique could be further exploited to isolate new and novel cultivars for the improvement of E. elatior. Acknowledgments The first author is grateful to the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Malaysia for financial assistance to undertake this study as part of hi...
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