32 m of bap under dark conditions for the 8 weeks the

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Unformatted text preview: ation. They were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 13.32 µM of BAP under dark conditions for the 8 weeks. The use of gamma ray extended the days until first shoot emergence from 2 weeks for the untreated explant to 6–12 weeks for the irradiated explant. New multiple shoot regeneration began with visible proliferation of buds from the basal part of the explants. Differences were observed after 8 weeks of irradiation with regard to the mean number of shoots and mean number of leaves produced (Table 1). Poor regeneration frequency was observed in the postirradiation culture. The shoots showed slow growth but were identical to the control treatment in terms of morphology (Figure 2D). Gamma-ray irradiation did not affect the ability to produce M1V2 and M1V3 shoots by the surviving irradiated buds. When the irradiation dose was more than 10 Gy, the new shoots derived from the gamma-irradiated explants grew slower than the control. A minimum of 12 weeks were needed for new shoots from the irradiated explants (M1V0) to reach 1 cm in length, whereas...
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