42 management of chimera and the biological effect of

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Unformatted text preview: gement of chimera and the biological effect of gamma rays The use of multicellular cultures for mutant induction in vegetatively propagated crops has been suggested, although reports have indicated the difficulties in obtaining solid mutants (Gavidia and Perez-Bermudez, 1999). For mutation breeding, the production of nonchimeric mutants is highly desirable. Gamma radiation treatment of multicellular tissues such as multiple buds often leads to chimeras, depending on the occurrence of mutations in the L1, L2, and L3 meristematic layers (Jain, 2010). Unstable mericlinal chimeras automatically occur when plant parts with multicellular layers are irradiated. Fortunately, chimeras can be converted into solid mutants by repeated multiplication (Yang and Schmidt, 1994). Therefore, it is highly desirable to dissociate chimeras by subsequent subcultures up to M1V3–M1V4 generations (Jain et al., 1998; Mandal et al., 2000). This should be done to maintain the stability of mutant traits and to ensure that the selected mutant lines are solid mutants or stable periclinal chimeras. Such pr...
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