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Unformatted text preview: 37 0.628 0.687 0.702 0.721 0.690 0.846 1.00 PL8 0.600 0.692 0.755 0.771 0.681 0.689 0.711 0.698 PL8 6 1.00 YUNUS et al. / Turk J Biol Figure 4. Dendogram constructed from Jaccard’s similarity coefficients from RAPD 3 data showing the clustering of the 9 regenerants. C: control and PL1–PL8: potential 4 lines. Gy). Meanwhile, the dosage of radiation that decreased the regeneration by 50% was 25 Gy for in vitro plant tubers of Solanum tuberosum L. (Yaycili and Alikamanoğlu, 2012). However, the dose suggested here was much lower than that reported by Gavidia and Perez-Bermudez (1999), who used a LD50 of 60 Gy on in vitro shoot tips of genotype T4 of Digitalis obscura. In another report, the LD50 for in vitro shoot explants of Actinidia chinensis var. hispida and A. deliciosa cultivar ‘Hayward’ reached 50–60 Gy and 80–90 Gy, respectively (Shen et al., 1990). Sensitivity of the multicellular layers to gamma-ray irradiation varied among species and also from genotype to genotype within species. Some researchers used a low dose of gamma ray to induce mutagenesis. In v...
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