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Unformatted text preview: 7in vitro shoots (M1V3) treated with 10 Gy of gamma ray using various RAPD primers: mplification of genomic DNA from PL8 M C A) primer OPAW 11, B) primer OPU 16, and C) primer OPU 13. In each of the 3 panels, lane M corresponds to 10 kb DNA ladder; lane C corresponds to the control (non-irradiated plant); lanes 2–10 correspond to DNA from 8 potential regenerant lines; and lane NC 10000 bp on the third panel corresponds to the negative control. Note: solid arrows point to polymorphic bands, while the blank arrows point to monomorphic bands. 3000 bp Table 3. Jaccard’s coefficient of similarity matrix for control and potential mutant lines of E. elatior determined from RAPD analysis using 9 different primers and analyzed by UPGMA program. 1000 bp Control PL1 PL2 PL3 500 bp PL4 PL5 PL6 PL7 Control 1.00 PL1 0.814 1.00 PL2 0.745 0.846 1.00 PL3 0.727 0.759 0.860 1.00 PL4 0.679 0.679 0.813 0.720 1.00 PL5 0.590 0.653 0.680 0.694 0.604 1.00 PL6 0.582 0.673 0.700 0.714 0.696 0.829 1.00 PL7 0.5...
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