Am j crop sci 5 214222 bibi s ahmed khan i khatri a

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Unformatted text preview: analysis in baby’s breath Gypsophila paniculata L. Am J Crop Sci 5: 214–222. Bibi S, Ahmed Khan I, Khatri A, Yasmin S, Seema N, Afghan S, Arain MA (2010). Screening of mutated population of sugarcane through RAPD. Pak J Bot 42: 3765–3773. Broertjes C, Van Harten AM (1988). Applied Mutation Breeding for Vegetatively Propagated Crops. Amsterdam, Holland: Elsevier. Chan EWC, Lim YY, Omar M (2007). Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of leaves of Etlingera species (Zingiberaceae) in Peninsular Malaysia. Food Chem 104: 1586–1593. Goh MWK, Kumar PP, Lim SH, Tan HTW (2005). Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of the moth orchids, Phalaenopsis (Epidendroideae: Orchidaceae). Euphytica 141: 11–22. Habsah M, Ali AM, Lajis NH, Sukari MA, Yap YH, Kikuzaki H, Nakatani N (2005). Antitumor-promoting and cytotoxic constituents of Etlingera elatior. Malaysian J Med Sci 12: 6–12. Haleagrahara N, Jackie T, Chakravarthi S, Rao M, Pasupathi T (2010). Protective effects of Etlingera elatior extract on lead ace...
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