Euphytica 62 225233 poulsen ad the ginger genus

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Unformatted text preview: 1992). Effect of gamma and ultraviolet irradiation on adventitious regeneration from in vitro cultured pear leaves. Euphytica 62: 225–233. Poulsen AD. The ginger genus Etlingera. Available from: URL: http:// [accessed 19 February 2010]. 10 Wong W. Light up your garden with a torch ginger. Available from: torchginger.pdf [accessed 19 February 2010]. Yan SW, Asmah R (2010). Comparison of total phenolic contents and antioxidant activities of turmeric leaf, pandan leaf and torch ginger flower. Int Food Res J 17: 417–423. Yang H, Schmidt H (1994). Selection of a mutant from adventitious shoots formed in X-ray treated cherry leaves and differentiation of standard and mutant with RAPDs. Euphytica 77: 89–92. Yaycılı O, Alikamanoğlu S (2012). Induction of salt-tolerant potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) mutants with gamma irradiation and characterization of genetic variations via RAPD-PCR analysis. Turk J Biol 36: 405–412. Yunus MF, Aziz MA, Kadir MA, Rashid AA (2012). In vitro propagation of Etlingera elatior (Jack) (torch ginger). Sci Hortic 135: 145–150. Zhou LB, Li WJ, Ma S, Dong XC, Yu LX, Li Q, Zhou GM, Gao QX (2006). Effects of ion beam irradiation on adventitious shoot regeneration from in vitro leaf explants of Saintpaulia ionahta. Nucl Instr Meth Phys Res B 244: 349–353....
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