Gamma ray irradiation did not affect the ability of

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Unformatted text preview: shoots from untreated explants needed only 4 weeks to reach 1 cm. Gamma-ray irradiation did not affect the ability of the M1V0 shoots to produce adventitious roots. Attempts to regenerate and multiply irradiated buds (M1V0) under light conditions were unsuccessful (data not shown). All irradiated buds became necrotic and died after a period of 6–8 weeks of incubation under light conditions. The present study indicated that irradiated buds only survived and regenerated shoots if the buds were maintained under dark conditions on a regeneration medium during the 8 weeks. 3.2. RAPD marker analysis of gamma-ray–treated regenerants Markers were selected based on their ability to generate a visible polymorphism between the samples. For the RAPD analysis performed in this study, 9 of the 14 primers tested gave scorable bands. The 9 primers generated 59 scorable bands ranging from 300 to 3500 bp in size. Of these, 35 bands (55.31%) were polymorphic (Table 2). The number of bands for each primer varied...
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