Induced mutation contributes to genetic variability

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Unformatted text preview: ro conditions. Induced mutation contributes to genetic variability by increasing DNA polymorphism. Mutagenesis disturbs the normal biological composition, and there are 2 effects of ionizing radiation on the heredity material: gene mutations and chromosome breaks (Atak et al., 2004; Dhakshanamoorthy et al., 2011). Generally, the presence or absence of RAPD bands is used to estimate the diversity of the samples. The disappearance of bands and appearance of new bands from the plants exposed to gamma irradiation could be compared to the control. The disappearance of bands may be related to the occurrence of molecular events such as DNA damage, point mutations, genomic and chromosomal rearrangements, and deletions and insertions of sequences induced by gamma radiation. The appearance of new bands could be attributed to mutations caused by point mutations or by the insertion or deletion of sequences. Thus, both of these result in the alteration of DNA, which leads to greater changes and polymorphism in the RAPD patterns of gamma-ray–treated plants (Atienzar and Jha, 2002; Dhaksh...
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