The irradiated explants were placed in vials

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Unformatted text preview: medium. The irradiated explants were placed in vials containing 10 mL of MS medium supplemented with 13.32 µM BAP, 3% sucrose, 0.4% Gelrite, and 0.1 mg L–1 myoinositol. The cultures were incubated at 25 ± 1 °C under dark conditions. Cultures were maintained on the same medium by regular subculturing at 4-week intervals over a period of 8 weeks. A radiosensitivity test of the plant was determined by measuring the survivability of the explant 8 weeks after irradiation. Other parameters observed were the mean number of shoots and leaves developed from the irradiated explants and morphological changes observed in the plantlets. The morphological changes were recorded visually after 1–8 weeks of culture. After 8 weeks of culture under dark conditions, each irradiated bud was transferred to fresh medium with the same growth regulator composition. The medium was distributed into jam jars (50 mL each), and a single irradiated bud was placed in each jar. The cultures were incubated under reduced light conditions provided by white fluorescent tubes (21 µmol m–2 s–1) at 26 ± 1 °C with a 16/8-h photo...
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