Therefore consideration must be given to plant

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Unformatted text preview: efore, consideration must be given to plant material treatment conditions such as light conditions, regeneration media, and the PGR used in this experiment. Several modifications from previous proliferation conditions (Yunus et al., 2012) that could eliminate the stress were attempted. The full light conditions clearly affected multiple shoot development from the irradiated in vitro buds. Complete absence of light was necessary for shoot induction after irradiation, indicating that irradiated shoots are sensitive to light. The appearance of variation might be related to the stress suffered by the explants postirradiation (Martin et al., 2002). The fact that some mutant shoots died could be due to stress, irreversible injuries, local disruption, and unsuitable conditions for regeneration provoked by gamma irradiation that may exceed the cell’s capacity to repair the damage. Intrasomatic competition could be controlled by modifying the light conditions which may result in enhanced competitiveness in irradiated cells. 4...
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