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Unformatted text preview: som ething d isastrou s keep s you from you r sched u led lab, contact you r lab instru ctor i mmediately . The instru ctor w ill arrange for you to attend another lab section that sam e w eek. There are no make-up labs in this course. E. Grades Satisfactory com p letion of the lab is requ ired as p art of you r cou rse grad e. T hose not completing a ll lab assignments by the end of the quarter at a 60% level or better will receive a quarter grade of F for the entire course. The laboratory grad e m akes u p 15% of you r final cou rse grad e. Once again, w e e m p hasize that e ach lab report is due, w ithout fail, w ithin tw o days of the end of that lab. There are tw o p arts of you r grad e for each laboratory: (a) you r laboratory jou rnal, and (b) you r form al p roblem rep ort. You r laboratory jou rnal w ill be grad ed by the lab instru ctor d u ring the laboratory sessions. You r p roblem rep ort w ill be grad ed and retu rned to you in you r next lab session. If you have m ad e a good -faith attem p t bu t you r lab rep ort is u naccep table, you r instru ctor m ay allow you to rew rite p arts or all of the rep ort. A rew rite m u st be hand ed in again w ithin tw o d ays of the retu rn of the rep ort to you by the instru ctor. F. The laboratory class forms a local scientific community. There are certain basic rules for conducting business in this laboratory. 1. 2. In all discussions and group w ork, full respect for all people is required. A ll d isagreem ents abou t w ork m u st stand or fall on reasoned argu m ents abou t p hysics p rincip les, the d ata, or accep table p roced u res, never on the basis of p ow er, lou d ness, or intim id ation. It is OK to make a reasoned mistake. It is in fact, one of the most efficient ways to learn. This is an acad em ic laboratory in w hich to learn things, to test you r id eas and p red ictions by collecting d ata, and to d eterm ine w hich conclu sions from the d ata are accep table and reasonable to other p eop le and w hich are not. W hat d o w e m ean by a "reasoned m istake"? We m ean that afte r carefu l consid eration and a fter a su bstantial am ou nt of thinking has gone into you r id eas you sim p ly give you r best p red iction or exp lanation as you see it. Of cou rse, there is alw ays the p ossibility that you r id ea d oes not accord w ith the accep ted id ea s. Then som eone says, "N o, that's not the w ay I s ee it and here's w hy." Eventu ally p ersu asive evid ence w ill be offered for one view p oint or t he other. "Sp eaking ou t" you r exp lanations, in w riting or vocally, is one of the best w ays to learn. 3. It is perfectly okay to share information and ideas with colleagues. M any kinds of help are okay. Since members of this class have highly diverse backgrounds, you are encouraged to help each other and learn from each other. 7 INTRODUCTION H ow ever, it is never okay to copy the w ork of others. H elp ing others is encou raged becau se it is one of the best w ays for you to learn, bu t cop ying is inap p rop riate and u naccep table. Write ou t you r ow n calcu lations and answ er qu estions in you r ow n w ord s. It is okay to m ake a reasoned m istake; it is w rong to cop y. N o cred it w ill be given for cop ied w ork. It is also su bject to University ru les abou t p lagiarism and cheating, and m ay resu lt in d ism issal from the cou rse and the University. See the University cou rse catalog for fu rther inform ation. 4. H undreds of other students use this laboratory each week. A nother class probably follows directly after you are done. Respect for the environment and the equipment in the lab is an important part of making this experience a pleasant one. The lab tables and floors shou ld be clean of any p ap er or "garbage." Please clean u p you r area before you leave the lab. The equ ip m ent m u st be either retu rned to the lab instru ctor or left neatly at you r station, d ep end ing on the circu m stances. A n ote about Laboratory equipment: A t tim es equ ip m ent in the lab m ay break or m ay be fou nd to be broken. If this hap p ens you shou ld inform you r TA and rep ort the p roblem to the equ ip m ent sp et by send ing an em ail to: labhelp @p hysics.u m n.ed u D escribe the p roblem , inclu d ing any id entifying asp ects of the equ ip m ent, and be su re to inclu d e you r lab room nu m ber. If equipment appears to be broken in such a w ay as to cause a danger do not use the equipment and inform your TA immediately. In su m m ary, the key to m aking any com m u nity w ork is RESPECT. R espect y ou rself and you r id eas by behaving in a p rofessional m anner at all tim es. R espect y ou r colleagu es (fellow stu d ents) and their id eas. R espect y ou r lab instru ctor and his/ her effort to p rovid e you w ith an environm ent in w hich you can learn. R espect t he laboratory equ ip m ent so that others com ing after you in the laboratory w ill have an ap p rop riate environm...
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