The three com p onents of the cou rse lectu re d iscu

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Unformatted text preview: nents of the cou rse - lectu re, d iscu ssion section, and laboratory section - serve d ifferent p u rp oses. The laboratory is w here p hysics id eas, often exp ressed in m athem atics, m eet the real w orld . Becau se d ifferent lab sections m eet on d ifferen t d ays of the w eek, you m ay d eal w ith concep ts in the lab before m eeting them in lectu re. In that case, the lab w ill serve as an introd u ction to the lectu re. In other cases the lectu re w ill be a good introd u ction to the lab. The amount you learn in lab w ill depend on the time you spend in preparation before coming to lab. Before coming to lab each week you must read the appropriate sections of your text, read the assigned problems to develop a fairly clear idea of what will be happening, and complete the prediction and method questions for the assigned problems. O ften, you r lab grou p w ill be asked to p resent its p red ictions and d ata to other grou p s so that everyone can p articip ate in u nd erstand ing how sp ecific m easu rem ents illu strate general concep ts of p hysics. You shou ld alw ays be p rep ared to exp lain you r id eas or actions to others in the class. To show you r instru ctor that you have m ad e the ap p rop riate connections betw een you r m easu rem ents and the basic p hysical concep ts, you w ill be asked to w rite a laboratory rep ort. Gu id elines for p rep aring lab rep orts can be fou nd in the lab m anu al ap p end ices and in this introd u ction. An exam p le of a good lab rep ort is show n in Ap p end ix E. Please d o not hesitate to d iscu ss any d ifficu lties w ith you r fellow stu d ents or the lab instru ctor. Relax. Exp lore. Make m istakes. Ask lots of qu estions, and have fu n. 5 INTRODUCTION WHAT TO D O TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS LAB: S afety comes first in any laboratory. If in d ou bt abou t any p roced u re, or if it seem s u nsafe to you , STOP. A sk you r lab instru ctor for help . A. What to bring to each laboratory session: 1. 2. Bring a "scientific" calcu lator. 3. B. Bring an 8" by 10" grap h -ru led lab jou rnal, to all lab sessions. You r jou rnal is you r "extend ed m em ory" and shou ld contain everything you d o in the lab and all of you r thou gh ts as you are going along. You r lab jou rnal is a legal d ocu m ent; you shou ld n ever t ear p ages from it. You r lab jou rnal m ust b e bou nd (as U niversity of M innesota 2077-S ) and m u st n ot a llow p ages to be easily rem oved (as sp iral bou nd notebooks). Bring this lab m anu al. Prepare for each laboratory session: Each laboratory consists of a series of related p roblem s that can be solved u sing the sam e basic concep ts and p rincip les. Som etim es all lab grou p s w ill w ork on the s am e p roblem , other tim es grou p s w ill w ork on d ifferent p roblem s and share resu lts. 1. Before beginning a new lab, carefu lly read the Introd u ction, Objectives and Prep aration sections. Read sections of the text sp ecified in the Preparation s ection. 2. Each lab contains several d ifferent exp erim ental p roblem s. Before you com e to a lab, com p lete the assigned Prediction a nd M ethod Questions. The Method Qu estions help you bu ild a p red iction for the given p roblem . It is u su ally help fu l to answ er the Method Qu estions before m aking the p red iction. These individual predictions w ill be checked (graded) by your lab instructor i mmediat ely at the beginning of each lab session. This p rep aration is cru cial if you are going to get anything ou t of you r laboratory w ork . There are at least tw o other reasons for p rep aring: a) There is nothing d u ller or m ore exasp erating than p lu gging m ind lessly into a p roced u re you d o not u nd erstand . b) The laboratory w ork is a g roup a ctivity w here every ind ivid u al contribu tes to the thinking p rocess and activities of the grou p . Other m em bers of you r grou p w ill be u nhap p y if they m u st consistently carry the bu rd en of som eone w ho isn't d oing his/ her share. C. Laboratory Reports A t the end of every lab (abou t once every tw o w eeks) you w ill be assigned to w rite u p one of the exp erim ental p roblem s. You r rep ort m u st p resent a clear and accu rate accou nt of w hat you and you r grou p m em bers d id , the resu lts you obtained , and w hat the resu lts m ean. A rep ort m u st not be cop ied or fabricated . (That w ou ld be scientific frau d .) Cop ied or fabricated lab rep orts 6 INTRODUCTION w ill be treated in the sam e m anner as cheating on a test, and w ill resu lt in a f ailing grade for the course and possible expulsion from the University . You r lab rep ort shou ld d escribe you r p red ictions, you r exp eriences, you r observations, you r m easu rem ents, and you r conclu sions. A d escrip tion of the lab rep ort form at is d iscu ssed at the end of this introd u ction. Each lab report is due, w ithout fail, w ithin tw o days of the end of that lab. D. Attendance A ttend ance is requ ired at all labs w ithout exception . If...
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