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British anthros focused more narrowly on the

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Unformatted text preview: ety" vs. American understanding of "culture." – American anthros. understood culture to comprise economic, social, political, and religious thoughts and behavior, with both synchronic and diachronic dimensions. – British anthros. focused more narrowly on the synchronic study of society. – Social structure was the matrix, or enclosing form, of society. – Social function was the role that individual parts of society played in maintaining the structural whole. The result of proper social functioning was a social structure in equilibrium. Malinowski: Ethnographic Research •  Brownislaw Malinowski (1884–1942) •  1910 trip to New Guinea •  1922: Argonauts of the Western Pacific •  Outlines Ethnographic fieldwork Participant Observation Principles of the Ethnographic Method (according to Malinowski) •  “The student must possess real scientific aims” •  “he ought to put himself in good conditions of work… [live] right among the natives” •  “he has to apply a number of special methods to collecting, manipulating, and fixing his evidence” Ethnographic Research 3...
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