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Idealism 1 4 21312 materialism the belief that human

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Unformatted text preview: ism: the belief that human existence determines human consciousness (vs. idealism) 1 4 2/13/12 – Materialism: the belief that human existence determines human consciousness (vs. idealism) – Marx and Engels believed that human thoughts, actions, and institutions are determined by their relationship to the means of production (how people make a living in the material world). – This relationship is always changing, because the means of production are always changing as people change their adaptations to physical conditions. – Marx and Engels maintained that all modern societies are based on class distinctions which become institutionalized in church and state (status quo). – As the means of production change, the nature of classes, which "organize" the means of production, also changes. – Eventually, the means of productions outgrow their form of organization, which is "overthrown" in a social revolution, from which a new social class emerges. This sequence was thought to be dialectical (building off of, but modifying Hegel’s dialectic). 5 Classical/Unilineal Cultural Evolution (1860s) 6 •  Darwin’s The Origin of Species (1858) •  It rein...
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