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Why do we consume so much

5e11 percentreducjonsinpersonal drivinggasolineuse

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Unformatted text preview: gallons saved reduced Status Quo driving and SUVs 46.1 billion gallons saved just reduced Reducing Driving driving Total SUVs Cars Reducing Driving & Number SUVs 0 5E+10 1E+11 1.5E+11 Percent ReducJons in Personal Driving Gasoline Use Total U.S. Gallons Kilograms of CO2 of Gas Used % of Current Use reduced Status Quo 138.4 billion 100 NA Reducing Number of SUVs by 75% 126.1 billion 91 108.24 billion Reducing Mileage Driven by 30% 92.3 billion 67 405.7 billion Reducing Mileage and SUVs 83.1 billion 60 486 billion Why do We Drive? Reason for Driving Percent Driving Work Commute 19% Work Related 8.5% Family and Personal 32.8% School/Church...
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