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Why do we consume so much


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Unformatted text preview: (Assumes 55% city driving, 45% highway driving; BTS, 2006).   What if we could replace ¾ of the SUVs on the road with a new car? What if we could reduce by 1/3 the number of miles we drive from 12k to 8k? What if we did both? Number of Cars and SUVs 234324720 Number of Vehicles on Road Now 135399945 99124775 Total Cars 234324720 SUV Number of Vehicles on Road Replacing SUVs 209743526 24781193 0 100000000 200000000 American’s Driving: Replacing SUVs 1.38456E+11 Current Total Gallons Used Per year 66017100150 72438970575 Total SUVs 1.26115E+11 Total Gallons Used Per Year Replacing SUVs 12.3 Billion Gallons Saved 16504274538 1.09611E+11 0 1E+11 Cars Does it MaHer How Much We Drive? 55.3 billion...
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