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Unformatted text preview: ada City, CA Below: Wash D.C. E COVILLAGE Pictured: Ecovillage at Ithaca in NY •  Larger scale: 300‐1500 homes •  Mostly rural due to zoning problems •  How eco are they? Kasper & Chitewere T RANSITION T OWNS F OLLOW Y OUR PASSIONS !   “AlternaHve hedonism” ‐ new forms of desire are more likely to moHvate consumers to change than ecological disaster or the promise of it (Soper 2009)   ApoliHcal   Gated community of the future? G REEN T OWNS Greensburg, Kansas (Tornado in May 2007 & Silo EcoHome 2010) G REEN B UILDING : H OMES U.S.G.B.C. LEED for Homes Passive solar home with solar panels on flat roof (arrow) 10 C OLLABORATIVE C ONSUMPTION Capital Bike Wash D.C.   Product Sharing ‐ formally or informally sharing consumer products in order to reduce consumpHon   Car share, bike share, tool libraries, couch surfing   Zip cars – commercial example   Community sharing supported by Hme banks G REEN C ONSUMPTION ( BASICALLY E NDED H ERE )   VoHng with your dollars – boyco?s &...
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