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Unformatted text preview: ; buyco?s (be?erworldshopper.org)   Divestment (350.org)   The AggregaHon Hypothesis   AnH‐ConsumpHon, Ethical ConsumpHon, Fair Trade & other cerHficaHons G REEN L IFESTYLES   Horton (2006) defines green lifestyles as “embodying a culturally produced awareness of environmental risks, rights, and responsibiliHes”   Ex. No Impact Man G REEN L IFESTYLES : T HEMES & P RACTICES Voluntary simplifiers An2materialism Religious Environmentalists Interconnec2on Green Home Owners Conserva2on of resources Recycle Cloth bags CFL or LED light bulbs No kitchen paper products Thermostats low in winter Weatherized homes Run hot water heaters on low Short showers Baking soda for cleaning Clothes lines Grow their own food Cook from scratch Buy local Buy organic, Fair Trade Vegetarians/vegans/no red meat Rain barrels or rain gardens Reuse grey water Ride their bicycles to work Shop at thrij stores or consignment Own a hybrid vehicle 14 15 Dietz et al. 2011, Million Metric Tons Carbon, 7.4% of U.S. Emissions C OMMUNITY – CONTROLLED R ENEWABLE E NERGY Electric CooperaHve Winthrop, WA   InsHgated by the local community   Scaled to community’s energy needs   Funded and owned by the community   Welcomed & accountable   Built and managed to maximize local jobs L OCAL O RGANIC A GRICULTURE     Eagle Street Roojop Farm Greenpoint, Brooklyn near the East River Roojop Gardens Urban Farming   VerHcal Farming   Addressing food deserts vs. culHvaHng specialty markets T HE C LEVELAND M ODEL   Evergreen CooperaHves ‐ worker‐run green co‐ops     Ohio CooperaHve Solar (Ohio 25% solar by 2025)     Evergreen CooperaHve Laundry Green City Growers CooperaHve ‐ hydoponic Addressing high unemployment rates (40%)...
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