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Intro Media Studies Chapter 14

Cameras what impacts your daily life is the news we

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Unformatted text preview: ras What impacts your daily life Is the news we see neutral? Is How can we find news that isn’t filled with How opinion or an agenda? opinion Daily Show vs. CNN & Fox News J.S. tends to Daily CNN Fox talk more about the republican news because he is a democrat. We see the ability for cable companies to broadcast what they want. companies Are the following News shows?: • Anderson Cooper 360, The O’Reilly Factor, The Ed Anderson Show, Rachel Maddow, Hannity Show, With the consolidation of networks, news With channels must be careful if they report on their parent company (ABC & Disney) their Ethical Questions for Journalists Ethical Does the end justify the means? Should Journalists protect National Security when Should the Government requests? the Wartime, Terrorism When do you decide that you want to sensor If a journalist gets asked who the source was they If have to tell How much do we respect a persons’ privacy? Lying about your identity to get a story Celebrities in public Page 495—>SPJ’s Code of Ethics. Page Support the truth Not supposed to pay for the story Barbra Walters interviews are for money. Fabrication of News Fabrication The pressures on journalists have caused The many to do whatever it takes to stay ahead many Jayson Blair & the NYT. Wrote goo...
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