Intro Media Studies Chapter 14

Wrote good feature jayson pieces the problem with his

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Unformatted text preview: d feature Jayson pieces. The problem with his stories is that he made them all up from NY he Hillary Federico & Hartford Courant (lost her Hillary Hartford job because of plagiarism. QU Quad News Support Shattered Glass example Shattered Glass While rare, these scandals make news While organizations less reliable organizations Herd Journalism Herd Reporters stake out someone’s house, chase Reporters someone in packs. When local news stay near the story to get the most information. Trying to get the best story, sound byte, that you can OJ Simpson*(showed the power the media had (showed over court.), Joe Paterno, George Zimmerman, over Joe Casey Anthony examples Casey Then the Experts get on the air from the Then studio to discuss it studio Cable News Networks have experts on all the Cable time (legal, business, etc.) (They have legal help with lawyers to report the story.) with The Impact of TV news The Put a reporter in front of the camera thus needing Put an attractive person to tell the news (not always the best reporter) (You need an attractive person on TV) In order to tell the story, you use the pictures and In people to tell the story, not as much about the reporter reporter In Anchorman (1970’s) the focus is on the person ’s) reporting the news reporting Do we care about the person telling us the news or Do the news itself? the Men want people who l...
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