Intro Media Studies Chapter 14

The men want people who look experienced not too old

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Unformatted text preview: ook experienced, not too old Men and not to young. They say men get more attractive as they age. as Women are in their 20’s-40’s. Older women don’t get get on TV too often Fake News & Satire Fake SNL’s Weekend Update, Daily Show, ’s Colbert Report Colbert Young people go to these shows to get Young information/news from around the world information/news These shows satirize the nightly/cable These news programs/popular culture news You can get information, but there is a lot You of comedy of YOLO Ethical Situation (Page 514) Ethical Should countries extradite Julian Assange Should for his role in classified government documents being published on WikiLeaks? WikiLeaks? The internet now allows for these The documents to be sent around the world quicker quicker Is WikiLeaks journalism and therefore Is protected under the First Amendment? protected...
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