Chapter Intro Media Studies 15

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Unformatted text preview: & 24 Led to TV Rating System Marketing Research – Parental Guidelines (Do They Work?) – TV Y, Y7, Y7FV, G, PG, 14 & MA Research Models Research Hypodermic­Needle Model – When a powerful media injects their message into a weak audience (War of the Worlds/Hitler) Minimal­Effects Model – The media cannot have that big of an impact on the population (selective exposure/retention) Uses and Gratifications Model – People use the media for their own gratification/enjoyment How do people do research? How Hypothesize come up with a theory that you can prove Experiment Survey Analyze observe how the people react to the show This is very similar to the Scientific Method Social Learning Theory Social What kids learn from the mass media they often use in their life This is particularly used to describe how violent images can lead to aggressive behavior Violent Video Games, 24, Saw, 300 all have an effect on people Cultural Approaches to Media Research Research Cultural Research focuses on issues of race, gender, class & sexuality There is textual analysis (the study of the actual media) & audience analysis (how people react to the media they see) Ex. Paul Walker Death 1950’s violence is different from today. It is accepted today to have the images...
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