Intro Media Studies Chapter 11

Intro Media Studies Chapter 11

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Unformatted text preview: rms of advertising PER DAY! Brand Recognition Brand Recognition Companies had to get their name out there and associated with their product You know what these companies make immediately What they do, what they produce: Campbell’s Ford Pepsi They have more than just the brand, they have sports drinks, Frito­Lay, different types of soda Pepsi is a sponsor of the institution Global Brands Global Brands Companies now want to be able have brand recognition all over the world Google Google gets blocked with a lot of searches in China, but they want the billion people to search with them Microsoft Coca­Cola IBM McDonald’s Subway is the number one worldwide fast food place History of Advertising History of Advertising Ads have existed since 3000 BC (shop owners hanging the name of the establishment) First Ad Agency 1841 (Volney Palmer) Charged a commission fee (if they sold your product, they go...
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