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Spermatogenesis germ cell found in seminiforous… Sperm Cells Adapted for motility Flagellum, nucleus, acrosome Mitochondrial dna is maternally inherited and presents as clear evo trail, since is only inherited by femsle. Major trends in cell development - increase in cell number and complexity Fertilization Program - Sperm makes contact with protective jelly coat - Acrosoomal membrane breaks down. Digests jelly coat. - Actin filaments polymerize, foring acrosomal process, extend to viteline envelope. Calcium wave - by the time it reaches the other side, no other sperm can penetrate Cleavage in Sea urchin: - up until the third division, the cells simply split in half and only use the current
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Unformatted text preview: cytoplasm available to them. Urchin gastrulation-the outer layer, the ectoderm, produces the skin and the nervous system.-The inner tube, the enteron, becomes the gut.(endoderm)-Other mesoderm cells develop everything else.-At vegetal pols, cells detach ans move inward, the vegetal plate invaginates to form the blastspore to ultimately form anus.-Filopodia () Frog development-frogs have a lot more “yolk” material cuz this is all the energey it gets in the first stages of development. Blue ectoderm, yellow ectoderm, red mesoderm, green neural ectoderm....
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