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Natural increase doubling time population 135 billion

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Unformatted text preview: TINUE INSURGENCY • RELATIVE LOCATION “Gateway” “Buffer” PAKISTAN (AT PARTITION) India West Pakistan East Pakistan POPULATION • POPULATION DENSITY (INDIA) – 22% in 3% of world’s land area – 904/sq mi – PHYSIOLOGIC - 1,615/sq mi (US=415/sq mi) • # people per unit area of productive land • KEY MEASURES – RATE OF NATURAL INCREASE – DOUBLING TIME Population • 1.35 billion people – Second largest group – Fastest growing – High densities throughout most of the region – Good agricultural regions have highest densities. • Along rivers • Coastal areas – Mostly rural – 50 cities of 1 million + people Anti-Natalist Policy • Overpopulation is a concern in Asia. India has implemented incentives, with mixed success, to decrease population growth rate. • Government Incentives – Sterilization – $ for delaying having children – Withhold parliament representation to regions that do not contain population growth • Concerns over population growth and urbanization – Resources already severely taxed – India began in 1952—not successful – 1970s—Coerced vasectomies • Relied on punishments • Public backlash • People distrustful of...
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