The british did have several positive influences

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Unformatted text preview: istan • Principalities were decided by the princes. • Islamic Kashmir goes to India due to Hindu prince. Positives of British Colonial Period • Normally, we discuss the negative aspects of Colonial influence. The British did have several positive influences. • Infrastructure (the railroads in India are the most connected in the world) • Education (English Language) • Healthcare Partition of South Asia • In 1947, South Asia was eventually divided into a Hindu state (India) and a Muslim State (Pakistan & Bangladesh) due to ethnic and religious tension. • Conflict still exists in the border locations, especially in Indian controlled Kashmir PAKISTAN (AT PARTITION) India West Pakistan East Pakistan 1931 MUSLIMS IN INDIA 1991 1951 Where do the majority of Muslims live in India? RELIGION Culture • Religion – Hinduism – Many forms • India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal – Islam • Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives – Sikhs • Punjab region RELIGIOUS CONTRASTS • ISLAM – – – – – Monotheistic No idols One sacred book Uniform dogma - 5 pillars Less influenced by other religions – Eat beef/Sacrifice cows – Bury Dead – Social Equality • HINDUISM – – – – – – – – Polytheistic Many idols Various sacred writings Varying beliefs Absorbed other religions Venerate cows Burn dead Caste separation Issues And Problems KASHMIR HINDU LEADER BUT MUSLIM POPULATION • 1947 – PAKISTAN INVADES • MUSLIM EXTREMISTS CON...
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