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Unformatted text preview: L E M 2 . 7 5 To stabilize a tree partially uprooted in a storm, cables AB and AC are attached to the upper trunk of the tree and then are fastened to steel rods AB is 4.2 kN, anchored in the ground. Knowing that the tension in cable determine ( a) the components of the force exerted by this cable on the tree, ( b) the angles θ x , θ y , and θ z that the force forms with axes at A which are parallel to the coordinate axes. SOLUTION ( a) Fx = (4.2 kN s)n 50 co° 40 i s F y = − (4.2 kN c) s 50 o F x = + 2.46 kN ( b) dc217. 4shared. com/ doc/ AOPLVdUr/ prev iew . html ° F z = (4.2 kN s)n 50 sin 40 i F z = + 2.07 kN ° = − 2.6997 kN F y = − 2.70 kN...
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