Honda motor corporation of j apan is a leading

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Unformatted text preview: olders ’ Equity Worksheet ¥ 690 854 1,244 2,148 639 6,244 ¥ 11,819 ¥ 4,237 1,933 1,519 7,689 259 3,871 4,130 ¥ 11,819 Learning Objective: 01­01 Recognize the information conveyed in each of the four basic financial statements and the way that it is used by different decision makers (investors, creditors, and managers). Honda Motor Corporation of J apan is a leading international manufac turer of automobiles , motorc y c les , all­ terrain v ehic les , and pers onal waterc raft. As a J apanes e c ompany , it follows J apanes e GAAP and reports its financ ial s tatements in billions of y en (the s ign for y en is ¥). Its rec ent balanc e s heet c ontained the following items (in billions ). Cas h and c as h equiv alents ¥ 690 Contributed c apital Ac c ounts pay able and other c urrent liabilities Inv entories Inv es tments Long­term debt 259 4,237 1,244 639 1,933 Net property , plant, and equipment Other as s ets Other liabilities Retained earnings Total as s ets Total liabilities and s toc k holders ’ equity Trade ac c ounts , notes , and other rec eiv ables 2,148 6,244 1,519 3,871 11,819 ? 854 Prepare a balanc e s heet as of Marc h 31, 2009, s olv ing for the mis s ing amount. (Be sure to list the assets and liabilities in order of their liquidity. Enter your answers in billions. Om it the "¥" sign in your response.) HONDA MOTOR CORPORATION Balanc e Sheet as of Marc h 31, 2009 (in billions of Yen) Assets Cas h and c as h equiv alents Trade ac c ounts , notes , and other rec eiv ables Inv entories Inv es tments Net property , plant and equipment Other as s ets ¥ 690 ± 1% 854 ± 1% 1,244 ± 1% 639 ± 1% 2,148 ± 1% 6,244 ± 1% ¥ 11,819 ± 1% Total As s et...
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