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Boasstillmaintainapelvicgirdle american alligator

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Unformatted text preview: og Tadpole Reptiles Reptiles • In VA: 10 lizards, 25 turtles (counting sea turtles), and 34 snakes Antarctica the only continent without reptiles Snakes have no legs, but still tetrapods Copperhead Broadhead Skink Evolutionary loss of legs Boas still maintain a pelvic girdle American Alligator Eastern Painted Turtle Reptiles Reptiles First vertebrates to become independent of water for reproduction Some reptiles have reverted to aquatic lifestyles, but still reproduce without water Sea Snakes Swamp Snake Snapping Turtle Sea Turtles Black Swamp Snake Snapping Turtle Reptiles Reptiles Ectothermic Maintain a constant temperature range Maintained by basking, movement, and shivering Brummation = hibernation Yellowbelly Slider Crocodilians Crocodilians American Alligator Osteoderms Temperature Sex Determination Sex of offspring determined by the temperature at which eggs are incubated American Alligators Turtles Turtles Temperature sex determination Vertebrae integrated into shell No teeth: Beak similar to a bird Omnivorous 3 habitats Marine Freshwater Terrestrial Box Turtle Eastern Painted Turtle Loggerhead Sea Turtle Snapping Turtle Squamata Squamata Snakes and lizards Jacobson’s organ Olfactory organ Tongue flicks out of the mouth a...
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