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Unformatted text preview: fit into their mouths, even mice Spring Salamander Frogs Frogs Tadpoles lose tails and grow legs as they metamorphose True Frogs Rana Tree Frogs Hyla Toe pads Southern Leopard Frog Bull Frog Spring Peeper Upland Chorus Frog Green Tree Frog Grey Tree Frog Toads Toads Similar to frogs Tadpoles lose tail and grow legs as they metamorphose into adults Less dependent upon water than frogs Have warty skin Paratoid Glands: American Toad Glands behind the eye that secrete toxin Fowler’s Toad Salamanders Salamanders Plethodontids: No lungs Ambystomatids: Lungs Obligate, aerobic respiration through the skin Facultative, aerobic respiration through the skin Hellbenders Spring Salamander Grow to 2 feet in the USA, but up to 5 feet in Japan Hidden gills Marbled Salamander Photo by Kristen Cecala Hellbender Amphibian Breeding Locations Amphibian Breeding Locations Streams Wetlands Adults utilize upland habitat for feeding Use stream for breeding, larval period, and occasional foraging Spring Salamander Larva Adults live and feed in upland habitat Return to wetlands to breed and undergo larval periods Terrestrial Adults never require water for reproduction No larval stage Utilize moisture under logs and leaf litter Redback Salamander Caecilians Caecilians Live in the tropics Leg­less and blind Look very similar to a worm Caecilians Amphibian Life Cycle Amphibian Life Cycle Upland Chorus Frog Frog eggs Pine Woods Tree Frog Tadpole Spring Peeper calling Cricket Frog Spring Peeper Tadpole/Metamorph Amphibian Defense Mechanisms Amphibian Defense Mechanisms American Toad Toxin in skin Toads and Newts Producing large numbers of offspring Producing noisy squawks when attacked Red­Spotted Newt Green Fr...
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