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probability - Counting Couples - Mathematics

probability - Counting Couples - Mathematics - pr oba...

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3/27/13 probability - Counting Couples - Mathematics math.stackexchange.com/questions/336896/counting-couples 1/4 Counting Couples A group of men and women randomly sit in a single row at a theater. If a man and woman are seated next to each other, they form a "couple." "Couples" can overlap, which means one person can be a member of two "couples." m w Question: What is the expected number of couples? Comment: I have a hard time with word problems that deal with "expectations". (probability) (discrete­mathematics) edited Mar 21 at 14:53 julien 15.2k 1 8 36 asked Mar 21 at 14:17 Sol Bethany Reaves 13 3 Please explain What do u mean by expected number of couples? there may be as less as 1 or as many as depending which is less. Do u want max. and min. 2 m or 2 w exploringnet Mar 21 at 14:19 @exploringnet: No, the OP wants the of the random variable expected value giving the number of couples in seating X ( 8 ) , where 8 ranges over all 8 seatings. ( m + w )! Brian M. Scott Mar 21 at 14:31 3 Answers Consider a woman. If she’s sitting at one end of the row, there are permutations in which she is part of a couple. Otherwise, there are
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