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Lecture Outline Social Learning

Includes typologies of people and also scripts rules

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Unformatted text preview: m’s Gender Schema Theory Gender is a set of ideas or schemas Gender schemas Schema: – a category of experience, helps an individual organize information. Includes typologies of people and also scripts (rules for behavior). Gender Schemas­ Typology of people We all have many gender schemas. Mother figure Femme fatale Cheerleader Marlboro Man Redneck Nice guy Father figure Cowboy Gender scripts – Rules for behavior What to do when…? You have a chance to show off? You give emotional support? You feel affection for a friend? You talk to your girlfriend? You talk to your boyfriend? You feel sad? You know the answer? Cognitive Consistency Bias* Gender schemas come in clusters of clusters based on similarity. When one gender schema fits a particular person. . . When We assume, expect other similar clusters also apply. BUT – It frequently doesn’t work that way in the world of gender BUT Example ­ Cognitive Consistency Bias Example ­ Cognitive Consistency Bias Individual differences: Gender Schematicity Gender schematicity: how much a given person uses & depends on gender schemas to make sense of the world. depends is? is? Salience Importance to our making sense out of our world, other people Accessibility What’s the first thing you think of when you try to understand who someone Complexity How many distinctions you can make between different types of gender categories categories Learning Theories ­ Summary Cognitive­Constructionist Theories ­ Summary...
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