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Kohlberg from parents advertising school textbooks tv

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Unformatted text preview: y Kohlberg observed that children follow rules determinedly. Kohlberg From parents, advertising, school, textbooks, TV shows, movies, toys Complex learning is possible because children learn rules. Rulelearning is cognitive. The development of gender constancy is dependent upon learning the rules for “appropriate” masculine & feminine behavior. Research on gender constancy Gender constancy: a cognitive understanding learned in steps Gender learned Correct labeling – by 2 Correct Correct criteria – by 4 Correct Gender conventions – 4-7 Gender Rules for “appropriate” masculine & feminine behavior Rules Gender constancy – 4-7 Gender Understand that maleness & femaleness are permanent Gender constancy & secure gender identity Gender constancy – a cognitive understanding that gender Gender cognitive is a permanent given about self . . . is IIs a prerequisite for solidifying a gender identity – an s emotional understanding about self. emotional Criticism of Cognitive Development Theory Criticism of Cognitive Developm...
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