Lecture Outline Social Learning

Masculine and feminine personality traits are learned

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Unformatted text preview: Masculine” and “feminine” personality traits are learned behavior The process of learning is called socialization socialization The same learning principles explain Masculine & feminine socialization Learning & un-learning Here & now situations -- the most powerful influences on behavior. 2 Classic learning theories ­ explain how we learn to behave as we do. 1. Operant conditioning - All learning comes from Operant experience with the environment Behavior is controlled in the here & now via: Consequences: Reinforcement and punishment - Cause us to repeat behavior (or not) Antecedents: Cue or stimulus – tell us when to repeat (or not) Operant Conditioning 2 Classic Learning Theories ­ explain how we learn to behave as we do. 2. Social learning: observation & imitation Social We can learn indirectly Through observing (watching & listening) And without performing We select what, from whom we learn using discrimination Social Learning Social Learning Sources of Gender Learning I. The family The Operant conditioning theory says Parents differentiall...
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