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Lecture Outline Social Learning

Blame inattention research do parents pressure

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Unformatted text preview: y reinforce Praise & attention vs. blame & inattention Research: Do parents pressure children to fit traditional roles? Not so much Rate is declining Toy & game preference – the exception Sources of gender learning Social learning theory says Parents are models Research: Children more likely to imitate same-sex model Especially if model is reinforced But . . . Children’s sex-typed behavior doesn’t resemble adults’ More resembles their peers’ The Peer Group Children play in same-sex groups Eleanor Maccoby’s research research Girls’ & boys’ groups have different social rules Boys’ - agentic Girls’ - communal The Peer Group The Peer Group How do they learn these rules? Operant conditioning theory – Operant Says different social rules provide different reinforcement contingencies for boys’ vs. girls’ behavior boys Social learning theory Says peer leaders model desirable behavior Other children see them being reinforced and imitate them Limitations of learning theories Don’t account for children’s active role in learning active Or how children learn such complex behaviors & concepts Patriarchy Androcentrism Social Cognitive Theories: Kohlberg’s Cognitive Developmental Theor...
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