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Importance martin little 1990 observed that childrens

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Unformatted text preview: ent Theory Research: indicates Kohlberg overestimated the importance of learning gender constancy. importance Martin & Little (1990) observed that children’s sex-typed behavior very apparent before they achieved gender constancy behavior Alternative explanation for how children learn the “rules of gender?” We want to get along with other people. The best conclusion: Children actively seek rules to learn in order to know what to do to make that happen. Perry & Bussy’s Expanded Cognitive Development Theory Perry & Bussy noticed: Children’s gender-typed behavior does not match what is modeled by parents, TV, etc. Indicates children don’t just imitate. Rather children seem to be actively devising rules. Perry & Bussy’s Expanded Cognitive Development Theory Therefore: Children learn the generalized model . generalized “Best” masculine or feminine behavior - inferred from combined sources Children match own behavior to the generalized model Children believe in the model Even if their experience contradicts it Learning the generalized model Limitation to Perry & Bussy’s theory? Children learn more about gender than rules for behavior behavior Be...
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