Lecture 3--cell signaling

does a signal lead to covalent modification of a

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Unformatted text preview: es --Does the signal alter transcription and, if so, what transcripts? Signaling pathways often involve changes in the phosphorylation states of proteins Antibodies may recognize specific phosphorylation states of proteins Phospho-specific antibody Standard antibody antibody to unphosphorylated protein Antibodies can recognize the phosphorylation state of a protein Tyrosine hydroxylase antibodies A VEGF receptor antibody Decursin inhibits retinal neovascularization via suppression of VEGFR-2 activation. Kim JH, Kim JH, Lee YM, Ahn EM, Kim KW, Yu YS. Mol Vis. 2009 Sep 12;15:1868-75. presence or absence of ligand Does internalization activate or shut off VEGFR signaling? phospho-VEGFR Ab staining VEGFR is phosphorylated when activated Lampugnani et al, 2006, JCB 174: 593-604. Some examples of techniques for studying signal transduction --What proteins participate in a signal transduction pathway? --Do two proteins physically interact in the presence/absence of signal? --Does a signal change th...
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